Cuddly Lion!!

2015-11-21 14.19.22

One of my nieces brought this little guy with on one of her visits. Poor little stuffed lion dude, looked like he was this close to losing a limb!

She asked if I could fix him. She is 9. You just don’t say no to that shit. So I found some thread that matched and threaded up my needle!

I got that bit at his leg fixed up and as I looked him over, I kept finding more little splits in more of his seams. Probably 3-4 small places in all. The leg was by far the worst though. I actually had to make a little tuck in the fabric because rather than the seam splitting, the fabric had torn.

2015-11-21 14.24.32

Funny tucks are sometimes the only way to fix a beloved family friend.

Needless to say, she was tickled to death to have him back, good as new.

2015-11-21 14.19.06

Another satisfied customer!!




Slipcover, in Green.

I have this chair. I have had it for maybe 15 or so years. I bought it at a church rummage sale in the pre-bedbug years. ( When I say pre-bed bug, I don’t mean my own personal fight with bed bugs. That has never happened. I refer to the fact that bed bugs are a big problem now. Making the purchase of used furniture slightly risky. )For $10. It’s a very comfortable chair, low arms making it very nice for knitting. It was a charming (not) green and blue plaid when I got it. My plan from the start was to make a slip cover for it.   So I finally got the slipcover made about 3 years ago. I had a vintage cotton bedspread that I had dyed green and just kinda draped it over and cut, and pinned, and sewed as I went. It worked pretty well, for a bit.


Annnnd now it needs a new slipcover. And, let’s face it, I should just get it reupholstered already.

2015-12-29 11.16.13

Hobo Bag.

The finished bag!

The finished bag!

I think I have mentioned before about how I am attempting to make things to use and sell from various bits and bobs of stash fabric. This would be a bag I made for myself. The fabric was a vintage linen tablecloth, which would have become clothing, but it was a little bit heavier than I like for clothes for myself. So bag-time it is! I had downloaded the free pattern off of Pattern Review at some point. At least I think that’s where I found it. It is a Hot Pattern, and if you sew, you owe it to yourself to try Hot Patterns. They are, hands down, my favorite pattern company. Out of all of them. The big ones and the little ones…Hot Patterns is my favorite. Trudy, the owner/designer of Hot Patterns, also does a LOT of tutorials on Youtube.  I daresay that one could teach oneself to sew using her tutorials.  And her pants patterns? Are the only pants patterns I use now. ALL OTHER PANTS BOW TO HOTPATTERNS PANTS! But that will be a bunch of photos for another day. Once I get Manfriend together and play fashion shoot with all of my Hot Patterns pants.

The fun thing about this bag was that witty, awesome bit of stripe matching on the bottom? Yeah. Didn’t plan that. I did look at the pattern and think, ” Hmm, I should line up this major burgundy stripe so that it is in the center of each bag panel.” It was when I went to sew it that I realized that it would do that really cool matching thing on the bottom.

A word on the size. This bag is biiiig. I can fit all of my regular purse items into it, plus my lunch, plus a small knitting project.

I have no idea if this pattern is still available or not, but I do know that Hot Patterns has many other bag patterns.

2014-03-15 09.56.06

Side/back view of said bag.

2014-03-15 09.56.29

Bottom of said bag. Please note the matching stripes. Yeah, that’s right, I didn’t even plan that.

2014-03-15 09.57.07

Bag turned inside out. So that you can see the zippered pocket on the inside. The is a second pocket opposite of this one and a key clip. I love key clips. I don’t think I will ever make a bag without one.

Freeee pattern from Hot Patterns!

Freeee pattern from Hot Patterns!

When Life Gives You Linen,

make new pillowcases! No, really. Both my bed and the guest bed need new pillowcases. And seeing as to how the sheets are linen, it only makes sense to make the pillowcases in linen also.

Stupid amount of pillows? Perhaps. But that's how I like it! The fitted sheet is also new. And the timing on that could not have been better. I also dyed the linen for that. The pillowcases are all the colors they were originally.

Stupid amount of pillows? Perhaps. But that’s how I like it! The fitted sheet is also new. And the timing on that could not have been better. I also dyed the linen for that. The pillowcases are all the colors they were originally.

On a Mission with the Morris Chair

So I have this Morris chair. I got it from my mom. Who got it from an antique store in Mt. Vernon IA. She bought it after I saw it first and squealed something along the lines of, ” OOOOOoooooooooo! MORRIS CHAIR! I’ve always wanted one of those!” So she buys it. For herself. : / Whatever. She pays me to re-cover it. Okay. I can do that! It was a trickier recover than anything I have done at that point, but not hard to figure out. The seat has springs in it, which was something I had never dealt with. But it was all good. Mom had picked a sort of floral design that makes one think of a paisley, without it being a paisley. In a whole slew of burnt orange and rust colors. Totally her color scheme. This was all maybe 15 years ago? Yeah, sure, that sounds about right. Few years after I recover it, she asks me if I want it, because she’s just not feelin’ it. Um, wait. Let me think about this for a bit….. YES. The rust colors totally clash with everything in my living room. My whole house really. But I leave it as is because I just don’t get around to re-covering it.

Fast forward about 10 years. I have moved into a townhouse and the Morris chair is clashing more than ever! Added plus? The seat now has a hole worn through. That gets larger every time a butt gets parked in it. This is so not a nice looking chair anymore. It looks like ass quite frankly. Sadly, I took no pictures. I wish I had. So I decide it is now time to re-cover it. And soon. The hole is now most of the seat.  I almost forgot. The seat cushion had been leaking some kind of wood shaving kind of material out of it’s bottom for almost a year. This was due to a hole in the fabric covering the underside of the seat cushion. We fixed it, then the hole returned. I was getting tired of cleaning up a little pile of wood shavings under the chair every couple of weeks or so.

I was trying to do this on the super-cheap, seeing as to how I have no real surplus funds in my budget. Long story short, I have this huge bit of super-cheap foam from a super cheap futon. And the feather/down wraps to cushions from my loveseat. I was thinking I could somehow make all of this work into a better version of the Morris chair cushions.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is a the only picture I got of the old fabric. This was after I removed it from the old version of the cushions.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The underside of the seat cushion. In all of it’s glory! That wood shaving-looking stuff under the springs is what was leaking out all over the floor. There was a piece of fabric covering this.  Next step? Remove all of the old nails. This was fun. Fortunately, at some point when browsing an uphulstory supply catalog, I had purchased something called a staple lifter. At least that’s what I think it was called. It proved to be remarkably helpful.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the right-side-up side of the seat cushion sans all fabric. This is the batting. Very smushed and flattened batting.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is my favorite. The foam from my loveseat cushions was thicker than I wanted. So I needed to cut. Lengthwise. Yeah, that’s right. I used a 12″ chef knife for that. I had to stop and sharpen it every 2 minutes or so. The plan? Put this foam under the batting then recover the whole thing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Two words people, staple. Gun. A really good staple gun is your friend.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hiding the springs and undercarriage! Bam!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the feather/down thing from my loveseat cushions. This was wrapped around the foam making for a very plush, cushie, tushie, cushion. ( see what I did there? Alliteration! Rhyming! ) Would a new version of this been a better choice? Oh heck’s yeah. But remember, I was doing this with what I had. I bought this loveseat in 2000 or 2001. It had a good run.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I almost forgot. I also needed to add more height to the back cushion. Being mostly cotton batting, and being vertical, it had compacted and shrunk a bit over the years. Here we see the old cushion, wrapped with the feather/down thing. Now I just had to slip stitch the whole thing so that I could get a slipcover over it.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This was super fun. Creating the extra height. Egads. That was truly a sewing adventure. Notice the giant stitches. I know, super pretty, right? The goal here was not so much pretty, as holding everything in place so that I could get the slipcover over it.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ahhhh, there we go! All ready for a shiney new slipcover. ( yes, I know. There is no e in shiny, but hey, Firefly man. )


2014-08-27 14.10.52 And here we have the chair complete with new slipcovers! The back cushion cover has a zipper on it and is completely removable. The seat one, nope. Shoot, now that I am thinking about it though, I think I could have figured out a way to make it removable. Next time. I did have some fabric protector. Which pretty much sprayed the hell outta the fabric with before making the cover. We will see how well that holds up.

Bettie’s Bell Knitted Hat Pattern!

FOR FREEEEEEE! I am mostly posting this here because I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to put it up on Ravelry. Seriously. So I figured hell, I’ve got a blog, I’ll just put it here. Enjoy! MrsC_BettiesBell_v3-1 See below for more pictures and me getting all technical and junk. I just wanted to give you the link up here so you don’t have to read my babble unless you want to.


I wanted a hat. That would cover my ears. And be cute. Sorta girly, but not too girly. With my super-short hair, I find a cloche to be a very good look for me. And it totally has that whole covering-your-ears thing nailed.

I made mine to fit a 22″ head. But this might be easily adaptable. You start with knitting the horizontal band. You knit that to fit your head. Or the head of the intended recipient. Seam the short ends of said band together, then pick up stitches along one edge of the band. So if you have a larger head, just ignore the number of stitches I picked up and pick up more. I picked up one stitch for each stitch along the edge of the band.  Then I just knit stockinette until decrease time, did decreases, and BAM! Fancy-pants-new-lady-hat!


Sewing things!

So yeah. I keep talking about blogging about sewing, and not doing it. So I decided I just need to jump in a blog about whatever I am sewing, no matter how silly or small. It has also recently come to my attention that there are a whole lot of sewing blogs out there full of tutorials that are not so very great. I mean, hey, if it works and you like the way it works? Rock on people and do your thing. But if you want to learn the, hell, I don’t want to say “right way” to do things, but it kinda is. If you are sewing the zipper onto the back of a dress, and the dress is lined, your zipper tape should not show. End of story. But I’ll that’s for another day.

For now, we are making catnip toys!

I had a piece of  alpaca in my fabric stash. This would be a piece that Jamesy left behind. Well, stupid mother-trucking moths found it. And they found it well. Big holes people, big, fat, honking holes in this lovely piece of chocolate brown alpaca. So I did the logical thing. Felted the hell out of it and made cat toys! It turned out rather thick, as you can see in the photo.


I cut it into squares about 5″ x 5″, folded in half diagonally, and zigzagged one side shut.  Then I filled them with nothing but pure catnip. Which I get from this place, Just know, as cheap as it is, a pound of catnip, is a LOT of catnip!


Then I just zigzagged the remaining edge shut. It was a little bit messy. There was no small amount of catnip scattered all over SewingTown, but that’s why I keep a broom down there. And here we have the finished product. Well, no, really a whole PILE of the finished product!



Another satisfied customer.


Yeah, I know. The catnip toys aren’t in the picture. Somewhere there is a picture of Ferris Mewler hogging ALL the catnip toys. I have no idea where in the computer it is. Lame? Oh yeah. I know. But that face!