Oh Purple.

How I dost love thee.

Or so it would seem.

My summer clothing situation is getting rather a bit dire.  I have dropped some weight, and the few t-shirts I do have are a bit on the large side.

Let’s go back in time for a minute so’s I can explain.  I will wear only one kind of neckline on a t-shirt.  And being a rather short, plump sort of lady, with mildly abundant bosoms, that would be a v-neck.  Nope.  Don’t wanna hear it.  Whatever else you are sellin’, I don’t want it.  V-neck, v-neck, v-neck.  Sleeve lengths can vary.

So as of last summer, I had managed to amass a decent amount of short sleeved, v-neck tees from various places, in various colors.  The Gap, Target, Old Navy, I forget where else.  Maybe it was just those three.  So yeah.  After a number of washings, the Target and Old Navy tees were a hot mess and a half.  Clearly not cut on grain.  And, really, I think I paid $5 each for them.  So I wasn’t surprised, just annoyed.  Annoyed because I should know better.  I should know that a $5 tee is going to suck.  Hard.   My momma taught me about fabric grain when I was what, 5?  I learned about fabric grain before I sewed.  I should know better.   So wait, what was I talking about?  Oh yeah.  So I ruthlessly purged all the sucky tees.  To realize that the ones that don’t suck were all from the Gap and while they cost a little more, I feel that it’s worth it.  And we aren’t talking hundreds of dollars here.  We’re talking a $20 tee versus a $5 tee.  I can live with that.  The only problem is that every time I go to the Gap.com to look for new colors, all they have is hot pink, black, white and yellow.  Um. NO.  I swore off most black when I left Starbucks after nearly 17 years.  And white, well, boobs.  Food.  White shirt.  Bad idea.  And no, dyeing the shirt once you’ve stained it does not work.  Ever.  Unless you are into tie-dye.  So the three shirts I have from the Gap that I like?  All shades of purple.

I am on a sewing mission.  A mission to use up fabric I have, to make things I need, or things I can sell on etsy.   So I dug out all the cotton knit that I had.  Cut me out some shirts.  Started sewing them up this evening.  Two of them.  Each different from the other.

Guess what?

They are both shades of purple.