Bettie’s Bell Knitted Hat Pattern!

FOR FREEEEEEE! I am mostly posting this here because I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to put it up on Ravelry. Seriously. So I figured hell, I’ve got a blog, I’ll just put it here. Enjoy! MrsC_BettiesBell_v3-1 See below for more pictures and me getting all technical and junk. I just wanted to give you the link up here so you don’t have to read my babble unless you want to.


I wanted a hat. That would cover my ears. And be cute. Sorta girly, but not too girly. With my super-short hair, I find a cloche to be a very good look for me. And it totally has that whole covering-your-ears thing nailed.

I made mine to fit a 22″ head. But this might be easily adaptable. You start with knitting the horizontal band. You knit that to fit your head. Or the head of the intended recipient. Seam the short ends of said band together, then pick up stitches along one edge of the band. So if you have a larger head, just ignore the number of stitches I picked up and pick up more. I picked up one stitch for each stitch along the edge of the band.  Then I just knit stockinette until decrease time, did decreases, and BAM! Fancy-pants-new-lady-hat!



One thought on “Bettie’s Bell Knitted Hat Pattern!

  1. Hello, Love your pattern and even purchased the kit from Crafty! I have one question I am just about to finish the band and start the rounds and decreases…seems like I should be knitting the odd rows and purling the even rows in order to achieve the pattern that is pictured is that correct? I am a fairly new knitter so wanted to check first before I continue. I you can email me your answer I would very much appreciate it.
    Thanks so much,

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